(Before It’s News)

By Susan Duclos

Showing that Alternative News is not only ahead of the MSM in reporting but in some cases actually push the MSM to report the truth after months of being complicit in hiding it, we see that recently ABC News finally got around to reporting on television that a West Coast evacuation could be possible due to the Fukushima disaster where Japan’s nuclear plant was crippled in 2011 from an earthquake and tsunami, and radiation leaks and the pouring of hundreds of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean, daily, is threatening the entire U.S. West Coast.

The video below shows the ABC News report, yet they seem to still be downplaying the severity of the situation.

abc news

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  • Jeff

    If there was ever a purpose at all for the U.N., it is for this, the whole world scientist and experts need to seal this reactor, send it up in space or do something, this is going to affect the whole entire world. They CAN’T REFUSE INTERNATIONAL HELP, a business TECHO? REALLY, we are all affected!

  • Eric Clemmont

    Fukushima is a lie! Plain and simple. I went to japan shortly after the earthquake and although there was damage it was nothing like the media is portraying. There were no fires. No smoke. And craziest of all there was power at the plant. They are lying to us.

    • Randy

      What would be the purpose of lying about this?

      • healthangel

        What about all the fish that have radioactivity and are dying? I doubt whether this Fukushima thing is a lie, however, these days, no one knows what to believe anymore.. Eric can you verify what you just wrote. We all just want the truth.

        • jillianbryce

          you’re a fucking mental case.

        • Mariel Thomson

          We know radiation is coming from the west. When it brought down in the rain, radiation measurements shoot up to as much as 30 times background.

        • Lisa Stewart

          Most people realize Eric is not being truthful. Maybe he is unaware of the truth. Even the media has been forced to tell the truth now.

        • Scotster

          see my video link above.

      • jillianbryce

        ignore that whore

    • healthangel

      And while you are at it, can you verify when Mandela actually died and why all the leaders are really in Africa right now?


      • jillianbryce

        you….are a fucking fool & you should truly hang yourself

        • Brandie Nadiger-Harrop

          you are an internet bully and you need to be put in your place. you have an absolutely foul mouth. If you disagree simply say so there is no need for name calling and swearing. you desperately need a smack up side the head from your mom!

          • Steve Frank

            He’s a jew he gets like that.

        • Peter J. Lord

          Can’t Understand Normal Thought

    • Lisa Stewart

      Eric, you can believe that as long as you feel more comfortable.

    • Scotster

      Give it a listen, Nuclear Physicist us the guest.

    • Bob LaForce

      Said the glowing dude…

    • Christy Penleric

      Eric you are either a liar or stupid.

  • Lori Harvey

    This shows that there is a problem in Japan.


  • healthangel

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3IjvWTRkMQ&feature=youtu.be Eric, you ought to watch this new video.

  • Christy Penleric

    We are being radiated every day from the meltdowns and will be for hundreds of years. This is going to cause millions of cancers and deformities in humans and all life. They will never tell us the true radiation levels in this country. Yesterday HIGH LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 81.4CPM in the Snow – St. Louis, Miss. Follow Desdemona Despair blog to know more.

    • Jay Antonioni

      Christy Panic is a perfect name for you. DON”T LEAVE THE HOUSE!! EVER!

  • Woodstuck

    Grow hemp and cannabis all along the coastal region… It could help. Also, grow your own meds – Never trust a government grow op – weedsthatplease com – We can help.

    • skyway1234


  • Mason Young

    Our Culture is not equipped to handle it’s technology and the consequences…
    The World, somehow, has become a teenager, with Dad’s keys

  • Sugarlarry

    Yeah, no. That’s not going to happen. Let’s use real science here, not hippie vaccinations-are-bad-for-you science. (Which is no better than rightwing, climate-denial science)


  • Jim

    The water is just now getting here and will keep coming for years to come if not decades… It’s not a matter of if we have to evacuate its a matter of when? Three total meltdowns are in the ground at fukushima. Their levels will contuine to rise with no way of cooling it. Forget all about the fuel in 4 123 was three times too much. I’m not fear mongering I live less than a mile from coast and I’ve put my house up for sale. Any ideas??

  • checks & balances

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see debris washing up on shore on the west coast from the tsunami what is soon to follow.