The Express.UK Newspaper has plugged AMTV’s planet X warning to the world.

As The Express.UK reported….


YouTube conspiracy theory channel AMTV agrees with Mr Meade¹s theory, and says that the elite have been warning us about it for years.

The host of the video, Christopher Greene, says: “Elon Musk is digging underground and blasting off to space, so is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos through Blue Origin.

“Stephen Hawking is warning of the end of the world, he says if we don¹t get off the planet in the next 100 years, we’ll all be dead.

“Bill Gates is warning and through his rhetoric and messaging, basically telling the American people and global citizens that close to a third or two thirds of the population could be wiped out if they don’t take vaccines.”

However, AMTV’s followers were not so convinced.

One commented on the recent video: “Christopher, you’d be advised to drop discussion on this ridiculous Planet X crap.”


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