Those are the closing lines of a letter forwarded to me. It was written by someone called Heisenberg.

He wrote, “God, we’ve been talking a lot lately haven’t we? But here I am at 2:22 on the clock face and my mind is racing with questions. About my people. My ancestors. My blood.

Is it true that alien foreign entities were allowed to come to my world and make slaves of us? And they were allowed to do this under the umbrella called a grand experiment? An alien ant farm? (no boom). Not funny. To be treated like insects. Sorry for doom and gloom, boss, but I don’t think everyone gets the magnitude of the situation. Is it true that these marauders were allowed to do this to other planets as well? Were we just a pitstop on their road trip? And they could be experimenting with more innocent species down the line? Allowed to bounce around willie nillie and create slaves of any species they choose? Free to make slaves of my entire ancestry? My brothers and sisters? Because they did. Yes they did.”