Major companies like Verizon and At&T are leading a longer list of corporate companies leaving google ads over concerns about google being too lax on hate speech.

The question is, is this really about real racism or real extremism or is this a cover for going after any content using the ‘extremist’ label to shut down someones reporting on controversial or sensitive topics?


Bloomberg reports AT&T and Verizon Communications Inc. have stopped all non-search advertising spending with Google, while Johnson & Johnson stopped all its global advertising on YouTube. AT&T said in a statement that it is concerned that its advertising may have appeared over “YouTube content promoting terrorism and hate,” and it will not resume advertising “until Google can ensure this won’t happen again.” Verizon has launched an investigation, presumably to find out if any of its ads appeared over extremist content.

The truth is that the future is now and independent content creators are going to have to adapt to these challenges to the free speech.

We live in a day and age in which the lines have been blurred between the labels (boxes) of what they call  ‘racist extremist content’ and ‘anti government extremist content’.

By blurring the lines between the groups, they seem to be aiming to take down  information they consider controversial or conspiratorial  under the guise of fighting hate speech of all kinds.

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