China has made it clear they oppose THAAD Missile Defense Systems in South Korea.

The US is sending more fighter jets to Japan in response to rising tensions with China and North Korea.

Many South Koreans have protested against the shield being placed in their county and many worry about how it may come to even be used against them in some way.  CCTV reports:

“(South) Korea’s conservative bloc hopes to hold a THAAD presidential race. The more strongly China responds to THAAD, the more attention people (in South Korea) will pay,” Cheong Wooksik, director of Peace Network, told Xinhua.

Cheong recently published the book of “Everything about THAAD” to make it widely known among people that South Korea could be the biggest victim of the THAAD deployment on its soil. The author said nothing is better off in terms of THAAD in his country.

South Korea has rejected China’s warning that a US missile system planned to be set up on Korean soil would harm relations between Seoul and Beijing.