Portland Oregon has been known for wasting billions of tax payer dollars on a failed sewer program.

It would nice to see some change in the norm out of the current city officials to turn some things around. There is no guarantee.

The Oregonian Reports:

Portland plans to make money off of its sewers fumes in a project expected to lower the city government’s carbon footprint by one third by converting a noxious gas into energy.

The Portland City Council unanimously approved on Wednesday the construction of a $9 million facility to convert methane gas in the city’s sewer system into natural gas. City officials plan to sell that natural gas through a Portland-based natural gas distributer to governments and organizations looking to replace diesel fuel in cars, buses, garbage trucks and other fleets of vehicles.

“We’re going to be turning poop into power,” Commissioner Nick Fish said. Fish manages the Bureau of Environmental Services, which oversees the project.