CNN Spy Cam is Total Joke and Staged by Trump

Donald Trump is a public relations expert, a former Reality TV star and a professional marketer. For anyone that doesn’t THINK Trump Staged the CNN Spy Cam is an ignorant fool. How did they have a camera in the perfect position to capture the alleged theatrics of Stephen Bannon, Jared Kushner and Trump in the Oval Office you ask? Because they put it there. Hey guys (referring to Secret Service), open up the blinds so the Mainstream media can capture a good shot. It will make the revelation that Obama wiretapped the Trump campaign that more convincing… 😉 For anyone that doesn’t believe this, I can prove it. We had members of our production crew shoot Trump’s presidential campaign at a local rally in Mesa and the first thing he asked our cinematographer to do was to shoot a very specific shot of the crowd as to emphasize the size of the rally. Bottom line, Trump knows media, video production and the value of a little theatrics from time to time. He’s a spin man and so is Bannon. Hey MSM, you just got PUNKED👊🏻

PS: Let me make something clear, we SUPPORT Trump, think he is the right guy for the job and 100% agree with allegations that Obama wiretapped Trump and Co. But we’re also not stupid enough to believe the Clint0n News Network just happened to get a convenient shot of Trump arguing with his Cabinet. The TRUTH is he put it there!


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