Costilla county Colorado became well known recently for it’s  war on off grid living and now its back on the radar for poaching. The last time Costilla made the news for poaching it was 1989 and the FEDS intervened.

Undersheriff Andrew Espinoza

Undersheriff Andrew Espinoza

Read what happened here if you missed the story about how the county displaced hundreds of off gridders citing land use violations.

Now it has been revealed that undersheriff Andrew Esponiza has been arrested for gaming violations and letting undercover agents even drive the police cruiser over 120 mph.

This is the same officer that pushed off gridders down the street when they attended a meeting in San Luis Colorado to express their grievances with a new land use code prohibiting land owners (in particular white non Hispanic land owners)  from living on their own land without a  commercial septic system.

They even told a old man to leave on Thanksgiving last year. We covered the story and no one lifted finger to help the Vietnam veteran. Is this making America great again?

While the so called liberty movement was supporting a potential FBI lead operation in Burns, Oregon, the lower income white off gridders saw zero support from the ‘patriot movement’ despite our reporting.

The following report comes to us from KKTV:

A high-ranking law enforcement official has been arrested in southern Colorado.

Costilla County Undersheriff Andrew Espinoza is accused of violating state wildlife laws.

Arrest papers obtained by 11 News show it all started with a traffic stop two years ago. Police pulled over a car to find several deer that had been illegally shot and killed.

The people in the car reportedly said they had been hunting with the undersheriff. That’s when investigators went undercover to see for themselves what kind of business the undersheriff was running.

Espinoza is out on a $5,000 bond. He’s on unpaid leave from the department.

Arrest papers say Espinoza runs a side business, called A&A Outfitters, where he is a hunting guide.

The papers say last month undercover wildlife officers went on a guided trip with Espinoza.

At one point, he reportedly told one of them to take off their orange hunting gear since they weren’t supposed to be hunting in the area.

A picture, included in the arrest papers, shows deer mounted on the undersheriff’s wall. It’s now part of evidence.

After the hunt, the papers say the undersheriff offered to take the undercover investigators for a ride in his cop car. They reportedly went over 120 miles an hour.

No word on how long the undersheriff will be on unpaid leave.

The District Attorney’s office tells us they will handle the case.

In other news, county commissioner Gallegos passed recently at the age of 60 from cancer. Gallegos was instrumental in preventing off gridders from remaining on their land.  May Gallegos rest in peace and may future Costilla county officers and commissioners have greater respect for human life and private property rights.

It should also be noted that the news did not make mention of the property rights violations that occurred in 2015 and to date, there has no resolution for those made homeless as a result.

We will keep you updated on future developments.

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