LGBT Community Claims YOUTUBE is Making their Videos INVISIBLE


#YOUTUBEPARTYISOVER is again trending on twitter as some content creators are claiming that videos referencing same sex relationships are being filtered out.

The idea of social media giants making certain content and or comments invisible is not new and has been a growing concern. The problem is not limited to the alternative media.

The Guardian Reports…

YouTube has responded to accusations of discrimination from high-profile members of its LGBT community, who have reported their videos being hidden by the platform.

#YouTubeIsOverParty was trending on Twitter on Sunday after several users flagged that their videos referencing same-sex relationships or attraction had been filtered out under its restricted mode.

Rowan Ellis, a British YouTuber with a “feminist and queer perspective” and nearly 22,500 subscribers, drew attention to YouTube’s apparent “anti-LGBT” bias in a video posted on Thursday.

Youtube is responding by clarifying their video policy.

How does a ‘restricted video’ appear on youtube? Like this…

AMTV has previously reported on the already growing problems with youtube‘s algorithm and the need to CLICK THE BELL to be notified of all new content.

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