Massive Cyber Attack Test Run For Something Bigger?

The biggest global cyber attack in history traces directly back to the United States National Security Agency. With multiple warnings prior to this attack and America’s arch enemy Russia being hardest hit, was this an inside job conducted by U.S. Intelligence Services? The mainstream media will never reveal the truth and with the threat of World War 3 on the horizon, could this massive cyber attack just be a test run for something bigger?

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  • Kellie Bigler

    This was a great piece. Chad, you rock.

  • playzfahdayz

    disqus is censored by the occult, i was going to donote and support your outlet, but not if you’re going to use this censored chat system, its anti-God, and the direct support of the Satanists pushing for ww3…

    Please tell me you know disqus is compromised, if you guys promote the fact that wikileaks is compromised, how do you guys not realize that disqus is compromised? please explain…

  • Paul Wilson

    I totally agree Chad, in my opinion the Microsoft patch was just an update on a better backdoor. If I remember the story was the NSA found a backdoor or holes in the Microsoft OS. windows 7 and 8. Check out this article I found…