In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Obama’s war in Ukraine and the threat of WW3.




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  • Joe Buckstrap

    I can’t say I disagree with anything you’ve said here, except that I would go further, without most of the ad hominem attacks, in illustrating how the Western media – as Dr. Paul Craig Lewis has said – is a plague on humankind.

    It is no accident that as part of the reauthorization of the National Defense Authorization Act before their Christmas recess, Congress repealed the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948. Obama quickly signed it into law. 11 Administrations before Obama had upheld Smith-Mundt. This act, which is now history, forbade the government from propagandizing the American people, as the US government does in Europe and Asia with its propaganda media. But let’s face it, the mainstream media in the US already did a very good job disseminating government propaganda: now its legal. That’s why they can portray a relatively small group of neo-Nazi thugs who have deposed a democratically elected government as a “democracy movement”. Neocon Victoria Nuland even poses with these neo-Nazis, which puts the imprimatur of the United States behind them. The US and EU funded these thugs to the tune of $5 billion in the hopes of toppling the Yanukovich regime and delivering the Ukraine to the EU, ripe for rape by Western banksters and corporations: because we all know how the Ukrainians so strongly desire to end up like the economies of Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, with record high unemployment and crushing austerity.

    This coup d’etat is, of course, a direct provocation on Russia. The Ukraine has long had traditional, cultural and linguistic ties to Russia. It’s eastern and southern provinces were gifted by Kruschev, which forms its present state. During WWII, Ukrainian Nazi sympathizers fought side by side with the Nazis against the Red Army. The US backed thugs that shot, torched, tortured and lynched Ukranian police (and who were the most likely the masked snipers who shot at protesters from the rooftops) are the descendants of these Ukranian Nazis. They have presently assumed positions in the illegitimate Ukrainian government and watch over the proceedings with threats and arms. This is what the morons in the fascistic Obama administration want to re-introduce to Europe? Nazism?

    They have outlawed the Russian language. Publicly boasted of their desire to kill Russians (and Jews). Destroyed monuments of the defeat of Nazism by the Red Army and many other provocations to Russia (one of their leaders boasted of killing Russians in the Chechen war). It is really not unlike what the US is doing in Syria – backing terrorists – what the US has done in the Ukraine.

    Eastern and Southern Ukraine, which, by the way have the bulk of the wealth of resources in the nation, have a very high percentage of ethnic Russians and where the Russian language, customs, traditions and Eastern Orthodox faith is prolific. Russia even has a naval base there in Sevastopol on the Black Sea.

    Just like the Syrian war is backed by the US for the objective of getting oil pipelines, that Assad opposed, through the now war-torn nation, the Ukraine – mainly in these Russian provinces – is said to be rich in natural gas.

    Susan Rice has warned Russia not to intervene. What?!? I strongly doubt that the Russians are as brain-dead and retarded as Rice, Nuland, Kerry and Obama.

    • Belle

      Thank you Joe

  • Nunya

    I think BPearthwatch says it pretty well.

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    It’s sad