President Barack Obama’s Earth Day flight down to Florida’s Everglades to highlight how global warming was affecting national parks cost taxpayers a whopping $866,615, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch.

For Earth Day in April, Obama flew down to Florida with Bill Nye the “Science Guy” in tow to give a speech about global warming. Unfortunately for taxpayers, the short trip cost $206,337 per hour. The White House argued the trip was to raise awareness about global warming, but news reports indicated Obama also used the trip to attack political opponents.

The New York Times reported that Obama’s “trip was also intended to sharpen a political contrast with Republicans in ways that he believes will help the Democratic Party in the next presidential contest, especially in states like Florida, where the impact of climate change is already being felt in profound ways.”

Reuters noted that Obama also took time to mock “Republican Senator Jim Inhofe… for throwing a snowball on the Senate floor during Washington’s cold winter.”