Parents in Eagle River have complained to police about a small drone aircraft that they say has been spotted this week following school children and hovering near homes. The reports highlight growing concern over laws that govern how and where drones can be used in Alaska.

Concerned grandparent Patricia Bailey said her experience with the aerial intruder began Tuesday, when she saw the drone hovering above her and 2-year-old granddaughter as they stood in their driveway.

After speaking with other parents, Bailey learned that the craft, which she described as “a very elaborate drone” — a quadcopter model equipped with a camera in a ball turret — had also been spotted outside windows of homes in the area.

Bailey said the final straw came when she spoke with children returning home from Eagle River Elementary School.

“One of them asked, ‘Did you see the drone?’” Bailey said. “I asked, “What drone?'”

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