Video games had advanced to incredible levels as the technology and geopolitical tensions have grown.

Meanwhile the ramp up a global world war that is sure to include robots of various kinds has been influencing the gaming industry for many years leading many of us to speculate over a decade ago that this was by in preparation for FUTURE WARS.

By indoctrinating gamers early on to the violent imagery of urban warfare in various locations around the globe, there seems to be less concern for what is happening right now geopolitically as the CALL OF DUTY / MODERN WARFARE playing zombies appear completely desensitized.

It’s as if they think reality is a video game and that there is no need for concern.


GameSpot Reports with joy:

Sega has released the first gameplay video for Sonic Forces, the game formerly known as Project Sonic 2017.

The video shows the Blue Blur bolting through a city under siege, collecting rings, using his homing attack to destroy enemies and, of course, leaping between platforms. All the while, Death Egg Robot sentinels can be seen in the background toppling buildings and launching bombs.

This kind of makes those ED DAMES remote viewing sessions of a solar flare kill shot a bit less concerning.  

Maybe we do need a reset of sorts. Maybe the creator has a plan for this tower of babel. Maybe events are playing out now as they are meant to….