Multiple volleyball games at once has never been more explosive and exiting to the world.

On a serious geopolitical note: North Korea is controlled by the NWO as well as Trump. The game plan is to make Trump and the US look like the aggressor to the world which won’t be difficult.

Stories like this play up a almost comedy like drama for a world they want pacified by the entertainment and WWE style politics.

The Washington Times Reports:

The images, taken Sunday by satellite company Digitalglobe and later released by the independent North Korea monitoring project 38 North, appeared to show groups of people playing volleyball at three separate locations at the secretive nuclear facility. The images surprised analysts at 38 North, as they coincided with speculation about North Korean plans to test a nuclear weapon.

Apparent volleyball games could be seen at the three separate locations in the camp, with another net possibly being set up in another area. Satellite imagery has shown volleyball being played at the camp as far back as 2006, according to 38 North, but there has never been evidence of three concurrent games before.