hilary1-e1388155970319aWhispers persist that Hillary won’t run: Health may be worse than disclosed

If you listen to the chattering class in Washington, D.C., Hillary Clinton is a virtual certainty for the 2016 Democratic nomination, and the front-runner in the next presidential race.

But in private, rumors persist that the former Secretary of State may not even be capable of making it to Iowa and New Hampshire. Clinton, these skeptics often say, will not run for president again because of health concerns.

These ubiquitous rumors of her health have been fueled in part by the supermarket tabloids. The National Enquirer wrote in 2012 that Clinton had brain cancer, something a spokesman dismissed then as “absolute nonsense.” In January of this year, the Globe claimed that Clinton secretly had a brain tumor.

Asked about her health on Thursday, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said in an email to The Daily Caller: ”To your question, very caring of you to ask. She’s 100%.”

But the rumors suggesting otherwise date back to the end of 2012, when Clinton’s health made headlines as she finished her term as secretary of state: aides explained then that she developed a stomach virus, hit her head, suffered a concussion and subsequently developed a blood clot in her brain but was being medicated and was expected to recover.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/02/28/rumors-persist-that-hillary-wont-run-because-health-is-worse-than-disclosed/#ixzz2v6lYMAmw

SCANDAL! Does Hillary Clinton Have Brain Cancer?

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  • Guesssst

    knowing what we now know about the Clintons….why would anyone vote for her? just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she’s NOT going to follow in BHO’s footsteps!

  • Wolve Rine

    Die, die soon, with all the upmost suffering
    and pain.
    Fuck you and die, you traitorous communist and
    criminal shitbag.