What are people saying about the passing of David Rockefeller?

One facebook user noted:

Brandon: Did you hear Rockefeller died?

Me: Yeah but I didn’t think it was true, I mean isn’t he inmortal?

Brandon: I know right, I thought he consumed the souls of babies at night and was actually 800 years old.

Me: Haha right! Like aren’t you Dracula?

Needless to say he obviously won’t be missed. Rot in hell you POS!

Dan Dicks of posted:

David Rockefeller is currently weeping and gnashing his teeth! He now knows he was used as a pawn and in the end his wealth meant nothing!

On twitter:


  • Chained

    Rockefellers were/are related to Rothschild family supposedly and JD was part of the conspiracy to take over our country financially by enslaving all of us by a debt based fiat fractional reserve banking system called the federal reserve which is not federal nor a reserve but a centralized bank owned and controlled by the bank of England and the Rothschild family. Among JD were co-conspirators Paul Warburg and JP Morgan. A good read on it is “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.