Op-Ed: The Real World Government

The one world government isn't exactly what people think it is. The one world government is a concept regarding how the elite are developing a population who are self serving and self centered, on an individual...


Ever wonder why nothing ever changes? Two words: Controlled Opposition. GALACTICCONNECTION.COM Controlled opposition is counterintelligence propaganda and is carried out today, legally, under the Smith-Mund...
trump protecting hillary clinton

Report: Trump Protecting Hillary over Benghazi Emails

During the election, the 'Hillary for Prison' meme was used by Trump to get elected. Now it seems he has flip flopped and turned his back on Trump supporters. What happened to Trump?

Does Trump even Know What the NWO Is?

In today's video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports on Does Trump Even Know What the NWO Is? WATCH NOW!

CONFIRMED! PIZZAGATE WAS AND IS A TRAP In today's Live Show, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on PizzaGate was a Trap to Shut Down Alternative Media....

Rex: Military to Remain in Iraq after ISIS Defeat

AMTV BLOG Critics of the military industrial complex are in for a rude awakening if they were assuming an end to the wars in the middle east was on the table or agenda. Meanwhile long standing cold wars with ...

What the HELL is Flat Earth Theory? In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Flat Earth conspiracy 2017....

FLASHBACK! Rumsfeld Hooked North Korea up with Nukes

This report was originally published on Feb. 24th, 2003 and has been since forgotten by America down the memory hole and retrieved today for your convenience.  SWISS INFO Donald Rumsfeld, the US secretary o...