Over 1,000 US Troops are currently being deployed to Poland in what is actually being called a “deterrent” to Russian aggression.

However Russia views this intrusive behavior by the US and NATO as an “act of war. ”


As the alliance sets up a new force in response to Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, a U.S. commander said on Monday, a U.S.-led battalion of more than 1,100 soldiers will be deployed in Poland from the start of April.

More than 900 U.S. soldiers, around 150 British personnel and some 120 Romanian troops will make up the battlegroup in northeastern Poland. It is one of four multinational formations across the Baltic region that Russia has condemned as an aggressive strategy on its frontiers.

U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Steven Gventer, who heads the battlegroup, told a news conference, “This is a mission, not a cycle of training events. The purpose is to deter aggression in the Baltics and in Poland … We are fully ready to be lethal.”