What They’re HIDING About John McCain’s Brain Surgery

In today’s video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV​ reports What They’re HIDING About John McCain’s Brain Surgery.

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  • Sydney Sullivan

    McCain IS a RINO! He always has been. He is a Demoncat and is in favor of open borders. I worked in Neurology as a Nurse. Brain Operations usually DO take at least a week in bed to recover. McCain is NUTS and did this to Grandstand! R, LCDR JOHN USNR

  • Sydney Sullivan

    Chad, and AMTV Staff, the likely reason Trump has NOT made a move with the Military against N. Korea is because he is TRYING to get Red China to solve OUR problem…They are not going to. Eventually, Trump and encore must make the very hard decision to have War with both China and N. Korea. R, LCDR JOHn