The researchers behind the study cite both diet and lifestyle as the reasons why this specific group seems to have evaded many of the heart problems that  plague the first world.

Would you change either your diet, location or mindset if you knew it would extend your life and help you prevent cardiovascular disease?

ZME Science reports..

The healthiest hearts in the world are thought to belong to the Tsimane people, a tribe that lives in the rainforest of Bolivia. The researchers who studied the Tsimane say their lifestyles and diets are radically different from westerners which might explain why there are barely any signs of clogged arteries, even past age 60.

Industrialization and urbanization have dramatically changed our lifestyles both for better and worse. We can hear about breaking news the moment it happens, network with friends even though we’re separated by an ocean. You can walk into any supermarket and leave home with a bag full of coconuts from Brazil, peppers from California or frozen chicken from Mexico. Once life-threatening viruses like polio, rabies or cholera are now a non-issue thanks to vaccines.

At the same time, most of us are sitting on our butts. We’re not exercising nearly enough and although we get to choose from thousands of produce, most of us have unhealthy diets.

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Many also believe there is strong evidence to suggest there is a heart / aura connection which has even more health implications.

One of the most obvious lifestyle attributes that we can see from this society is that they have maintained a connection with the earth by continuing to the hunter-gatherer ways of their ancestors. Perhaps they don’t spend all day on facebook like our society?