Last month, Shaneka Torres (pictured above) and an unnamed friend ordered bacon cheeseburgers from a McDonald’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Staff at the restaurant messed up the order, giving Shaneka and her friend regular cheeseburgers. Shaneka complained to a manager at the restaurant, who told her that she and her friend could get free bacon cheeseburgers on their next visit. So far, so good.

They returned later that night, and, once again, asked for bacon cheeseburgers. And, again, they were served cheeseburgers without bacon. Shaneka was super not into this.

According to a report on the local ABC affiliate, Shaneka yelled at a worker, before pulling out a pistol and firing one round into the restaurant from her car.

The bullet shattered her car window, and passed through the restaurant ” at about head level” without hitting anyone.

Shaneka was arrested shortly after at her home. She was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, discharging a firearm into a building, and felony use of a firearm. Read More.