In today’s video update, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains that World War 3 is a De-Americanized Currency War. The rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies emphasizes a collapsing U.S. Dollar as well as demand for a new marketplace to trade “fiat currency” but this time digitally. Bitcoin however is still not backed by anything tangible.

The current atmosphere of the crypto-currency market and rising prices has been driven by the hoarding of Bitcoin’s with the hope that prices will continue to appreciate however isn’t being used for its primary purpose; as a way of commerce for the exchange of goods and services. Until improvements are made, and digital currency is actually backed by something with intrinsic value, Bitcoin and others like it still lack as a viable alternative to the mother of all collapsing fiat currencies (The US. Dollar).

The Next Great War is very likely being fought over this next round of development…


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