🚨Bill Clinton and Hillary Lolita Express Pedophilia Ring🚨

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV breaks down the connection between convicted felon Jefferey Epstein ‘known pedophile” and the Clinton’s. Will this be the next shoe to drop in the Wikileaks Podesta dump? Will find out this weekend in an Exclusive RT interview with the man himself Julian Assange.

  • Marlene K

    Thanks for sharing! I will be watching over the weekend for updates. Christopher, please be careful. Driving and taping is dangerous! I have children in 20’s. Ya’ll scare me!

  • Sydney Sullivan

    It just goes to show you the Truth, that top U.S. GovernmentArmed Forces are cooperating with and Hessians for Saudi Arabia. The Creeps in Govt. don’t give a rat’s behind about Pedophiles etc. In fact, you can be certain that after they manage to convince the so-called Silent Majority that they are Bi-Sexual by nature; they will go on to sponsor Man/Boy Love Networking…(e.g. MABLA). Egad! What can I say except Welcome to Mystery Babylon….the remade U.S.A. Truly, LCDR JOHN, USNR

  • ddasd

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    • Ah Jaysus

      Fuck off, cretin.