In today’s live video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Manafort Indicted to Bring Fake Charges Against Trump.

  • a247michelle

    Christopher, I am thankful for AMTV. I take issue with a few things in today’s rant, though. 1st, out of a 33min video, I had to listen to 20mins of your (*bleep*)Dems rant before you got to Manafort and Gates. I think you should change the header on your video to something more truthful of the video content. 2nd, you only briefly showed the indictment paperwork, not showing the outrageous list of off-shore dealings they had ‘tween 2008-2014, or the lies they spewed recently, or even listing the actual indictments — like “real news” should. Yeah, I totally think they are guilty as sin. There’s NOTHING there linked to Trump, and I don’t think there will be. I still believe Mueller is doing his job. Impartial justice is what we WANT, right? No politics, right? Just ‘cuz someone is a conservative, or Republican, or Christian does not make them innocent. Mueller got put on a task, found something way back and completely unrelated to President Trump to throw a bone to the liberals, and can now move on to the other side of the coin… impartially, I hope. 3rd, the divisiveness is getting out of hand. Please take the high road. I appreciate your righteous anger, but labeling all Dems or libs as crybabies is just name calling. It drops you to their level. Don’t let them drag you down. You shine with your own light.