A GREAT Revival is Coming to America 2017-18

In today’s live video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports A GREAT Revival is Coming to America 2017-18.

  • Fred

    US Deploys Special Forces “Decapitation” Team to South Korea
    To put things in proper perspective, the White House generals, if they had well-adjusted upbringings, should recall the most basic lessons they learned as children. What they are dealing with now is not a few little piggies who built their houses out of straw or sticks, but one who got up very early in the morning, went to the market and returned to his little brick home with rockets and nuclear weapons before any of them even got out of bed. Now they are saying, “Let me in. Let me in, or I will huff and puff and blow your little house in.” The problem is that this little piggy’s house is built of sturdier stuff than sticks or straw, and if the big bad wolf after huffing and puffing comes down the chimney to cut his little head off, it will most likely fall right into a caldron of frothing, radio-active water, and that will be the end of the big bad wolf, most likely in more ways than one.

    Ignoring any convincing evidence that the tiny and relatively impoverished nation of North Korea is simply trying to defend itself, the first strike mentality (or even a covert false-flag one to justify a first strike) is first and foremost fundamentally wrong because North Korea in fact now does have nuclear weapons and may be capable of detonating a few of them in some manner even if its present leadership is decapitated beforehand. Surely Kim Jung-un knows of the US intentions to take him and his leadership out, and in knowing such he most certainly would leave behind careful instructions to faithful survivors of exactly what to do. There are likely by now many dead men’s switches in play.