A MAJOR Event To Occur During Trump’s Trip To Asia

In today’s live video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports A MAJOR Event To Occur During Trump’s Trip To Asia.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    On the Mark here Mr. Chad! My Grandparents used to refer to Red China as “The Yellow Menace that’s best left to sleep, because when it awakens the Earth will tremble.” Nixon’s “Memoirs” Book also reveals many conversations/events with his Sec of State, Henry Kissinger…the latter said and Nixon agreed that China ONLY cares about it’s OWN interests….Nobody else’s. Trump is now having to deal with the UN and U.S. Presidential Administrations’ (going back to Harry Truman) policies of Appeasement towards N. Korea and Red China. In the last Korean War, Russia (USSR) provided the Red Chinese with Weapons mostly Tommie guns and Mosan-Nagant Rifles to kill American GIs. China sent DOZENS of Divisions against the 3 to 5 General MacArthur had, and literally ran out of bullets and were nearly enveloped; were it not for the Military Know-How of Col Chesty Puller and others; who literally fought their way OUT; they faced certain destruction. They will have to go tactical nuke to defeat N. Korea, and ONLY the fear of Nuke retaliation will keep China at bay in my estimate. Does this weak-kneed sissy U.S. population of today have the Balls to stay the course? You decide. Cheers! LCDR John USNR