AMA Facecrook Live w/Christopher Greene 1.26.17

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV goes live on Facecrook.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    Nice to see you here off the cuff. May want to try your hand at Metal Detecting as an off time hobby.. In your State there are all kinds of places to hunt for old coins/treasure caches….good exercise too. You find out a lot about the geography of the Country as well! Recommend Garrett Detectors, out of Texas. They are the best for machines of quality at reasonable prices. It (the sport) helps keep me and my wife in shape. I’m worried about Mexico’s alliance with China, when War comes we may well have a Civil War on top of a World War. The SOONER the Wall goes up the better.
    Best Regards, LCDR John USNR p.s. SMART RE: TV I read three (or more) books simultaneously daily.

  • Chocodoggy1

    Christopher Greene your Video today as usual was Awesome! AMTV is one of the Best Programs on Youtube and all your reports are Amazing! I have never not enjoyed any of your video’s that you have put on YT. Keep up the Great work at AMTV Christopher. Really enjoy your paid subscription service. Learning a lot from you Christopher, probably one of the smartest most interesting Alternative media host in business today! What a perfect time for AMTV to be doing this with Donald Trump as our President! The last week as been the best time of my life over the last 8 years! Watching AMTV and learning so much makes it even better. Keep up the Great work Christopher. Thanks for everything you do! Let me know when you need more computer components Christopher, I will have your back brother! TJ