America Destroying Itself BEFORE Nuclear World War

In today’s video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV​ reports America Destroying Itself BEFORE Nuclear World War.

  • Fred

    Food for thought
    From a comment made on Zero Hedge:
    “NK is not really a puppet of China. It mainly built up its cities, towns and infrastructure with loans from Russia beginning in the 1960’s, whose banks at the time were being propped up, as was the entire cold war, by the Western banksters.

    We ordinary people still do not know which nation facilitated NK in acquiring the rocket engines following the coup a few years ago in the eastern Ukraine. Whichever nation did that is obviously still working with NK.

    The declared interest of the US during the last few years of the Obama administration with respect to growing Chinese influence and power in the entire Asian-Pacific theatre, was to “pivot” from its preoccupation with the Middle East theatre and focus on the Asian-Pacific one. Whether or not the US is actually easing off with respect to its quest for Israeli lebensraum and oil hegemony in the ME, it is most certainly now “pivoting” to re-establish a strong military presence around China. Many so called “allied” nations surrounding China, including Japan and the Philippines, are increasingly being pulled away from Western domination into the Chinese orbit because of that nation’s rapidly expanding economic might and military influence. That is the backdrop which must be considered for any independent speculation on what is currently happening with respect to NK, and it cannot be ignored that Kim Jong-un’s foolhardy provocations, particularly of the US, by firing off missiles over and around Japan, and saying his nation will nuke and destroy America, is anything but unrealistic, but at the same time, most “convenient” for the US to send fleets of warships and squadrons of fighter bombers to the very borders of China, re-establishing once again an active and very threatening Western military presence. Also, note Trump’s increasingly strident remarks regarding China.
    Apart from being an open invitation with perfect timing based on the declared American intention to return in force to the Asian-Pacific theatre, what NK has done is extremely surreal. It is so bazaar that any level-headed person must become increasingly suspicious.

    The US apologists can say all they want that “Rocket Boy” is evil and unhinged and that the threats are real. However, the problem is that even if the US authorities were right this time, anything they say can no longer be trusted. They have cried “wolf” far too often with their false flags and their fake news media is totally unreliable to large swaths of the Western population. Also, US and British motives for their wars and atrocities in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria have become entirely clear and had nothing to do with any real intention to improve the conditions of the people in those nations. From the Gulf of Tonkin incident, to 9/11, to WMD’s, to the creation and deployment of Al Qaeda and ISIS for terrorism and regime changes, to false flag saran gas attacks, together with the fact that the West, including the US deep, state is totally in the control of a completely a-moral, totally pragmatic and corrupt financial cabal of banksters, and absolutely nothing which their puppet authorities and their media ever say again can be trusted.

    Although, so far not as morally repugnant and evil as the 9/11 false flag, as no one yet has yet been killed by the NK display of its defense capabilities or by an American military response, even if we are being played again with another false flag, the present brinkmanship could lead to unnecessary hostilities, and in any case it would lead to South Korea becoming more of an armed fortress with hundreds of nukes aimed not only at NK but most likely mainly at China. That may be a good end or a bad one, depending on one’s point of view. However, more and more ordinary people are coming to realize that it is the same financial cabal running the US, which has been responsible for, and has profited enormously from the past 100 years of needless major wars including even the cold war, which must be checked and relieved of their power and influence.

    Even if Russia facilitated NK in providing the missile engines in order to provide NK a defense from repeated US threats beginning with George 9/11 Bush vowing take out NK as part of an “axis of evil”, the increased US military presence in the Asian Pacific theatre also serves Russian interests as a “check and balance” to China’s hunger for land and resources. Collusion with Russia? Possibly? Likely? Like 9/11 while we wait for more evidence to discern the extent of the deception, violence and plundering the cabal is presently fomenting with respect to NK, they will most likely have plotted and become engaged in some other caper. All we can hope for is the freedom and speed of the internet to catch up to them and end their reign of terror.

    If the cabal is actually being economically challenged with the loss of US and UK influence with real power flowing more and more to China and Russia, and especially if the cabal is not to be the supreme power of their proposed one-world-bank, controlling world currency and credit (in the same way they do with the Fed in the US), then the speculation must end, and the prediction becomes that we can simply expect a major war, with a major false flag along the way to it.”