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  • Charles

    I used to think Chris green asked the questions needed and said the correct things. Since the election campaigns and seing Trump appear as a candidate. Mr Green hase been following him and supporting him. Witch made me change my mind about AMTV. Juste shows you how racist and underdeveloped their thoughts are on immigration. This channel is racist unrealistic and hypocritical, just typically American. Get with the times. Ur government is corrupt ur right about that, but so are your beliefs and thoughts

    • Andy Baccala

      hey asshole . the united states has a right to its own boarders and sovereignty. if i cross into mexico demanding benefits i would be shot and or jailed. and i’d call them a racist for not giving me what i want. cut the crap motherfucker , were not 3 years old

  • Daniel L

    sHIT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT MONEY FOR THIS GUY ? We have to pay to know the $$TRUTH$$ & every video he made is to make money $$SURVIVAL STUFF$$ … WHAT A SCAMMER !

  • Tickertapeguy


    The global crisis is well on its way.

    there have been major riots in:

    INDIA: Where various groups including the Patels, Jats, the Indian jewelry shops that number in the hundreds of thousands have created massive agitation. One example:

    the Jats SHUT DOWN New Delhi FOR DAYS. The Capital of the 2nd most populous nation was COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN & water was CUT OFF to 22 million people. This only made an article in the AT. NO HEADLINES across the world. IT WAS SILENCED. The Jats plan more strikes that will shut down New Delhi if their demands for a quota are not met

    BRAZIL: Massive riots have paralyzed Brazil. the number is in the MILLIONS. They want the OVERTHROW OF THE GOVERNMENT. Brazil’s economy shrank by 4% in 2015 and will shrink another 4% in 2016.

    CHINA: riots are taking place across China over the loss of jobs and the effects of an economy that is rapidly losing her growth rate. China has injected around 600 billion dollars of her reserves and is selling large chunks of the US debt and yet outflow of money continues.

    EUROPE: Mainly due to the migrant crisis riots are happening across Europe. right wing nationalists are taking to the streets.

    Nations like Greece is about to go bankrupt. Other European nations in deep financial crisis include Spain, Italy, Portugal, to name a few.

    In addition

    RUSSIA: Putin called in all the major state industries a few months ago, to privatize them due to the collapsing Russian economy. That includes Rosneft.

    VENEZUELA: Has an inflation of 165% and is about to collapse. along with Venezuela will go the Carribean region since Venezuela’s ‘Petrocarribe” which subsides that region cannot be sustained.

    UNITED STATES: Debt is reaching 21 trillion dollars. When it reaches 25 trillion dollars the US cannot pay the interest on the interest of that debt. and foreign nations holding the US debt in treasury bond are rapidly dumping them.

    What is amazing is that there is NOT ONE SINGLE ARTICLE that could easily outline the chaos and upheaval now taking place across the world and even give a simply analysis as to why.

  • GoG Magog

    i am not G_d, i may look like him but i am not he