Barack Obama and Putin prepare for World War at G20

In today͛s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV covers the G20 meeting and the prospect of World War 3.

  • Little Bright Feather

    I’m thankful I finally am getting email notices from AMTV
    Putin is a good man and has made Russia a free and Christian land.
    Putin does not want war – Obama has been taunting him over and over.
    Obama and NATO have been putting missiles on Russia’s borders to try to get Putin to attack – but Putin is too wise to fall for it. This is only one tactic Obama and NATO has pulled on Russia. NATO is evil anyway – they have been going all over CAUSING wars. I’m very supportive of Putin.Most Americans are.WE stand for freedom as Putin does. Obama (and Hillary and Communist Gary Johnson) is all about imprisonment of the people = OWG Communism. Johnson was placed in the Lib Party just to draw votes from Trump. All part of the over-throw of America by the OWG Globalists. But they are in a panic – their OWG plan is falling apart as is Hillary. All of them doing Treason on every hand trying to push their evil through to full control.

    The Shadow Govt that began here in May 1776, now out of those shadows and clawing their way to the top control in every way they can. They are desperate. They see themselves losing ground since Trump came on the scene. And they have tried 3 times to assassinate him and have thrown everything they can think of at him, but God’s got His hand on this situation and God is bigger and stronger then any OWG !

    Stay tuned – we are on the ride of our lives …..