BREAKING: Trump Prepares Attack on Syria ‘Raqqa’

In today’s emergency broadcast, Christopher Greene of AMTV warns Americans Trump prepares for an Assault on Syria.

  • Sydney Sullivan

    Dear Mr. Greene, You are a Voice in the Wilderness when it comes to “Waking Up” the American Sheeple. You are soooo correct about Isis…Unfortunately, the majority of Sheeple simply are not interested or give a shit. That’s WHY there will have to be War on the soil of this Country. Those that don’t learn from and/or ignore History (in many cases they are not even taught the History of Western Civilization.) are doomed to repeat it. Truly, LCDR John, USNR

  • survivor

    It is illegal for what Trump is doing. Violating Syria’s sovereignty, especially since Assad’s govt hasn’t allowed them in and said as such this morning and violating our Constitution. The folks Trump has selected with respect to foreign policy are very belligerent and interventionists and they are not out to make peace with Russia. Might as well have left Obama in.