Charge Comey with TREASON and Flush Out the Entire FBI

In today’s video Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on FBI Director James Comey dropping investigation on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

  • David E. Staniszewski

    Hello Sean, I am the slaughter Mouse. I have a podcast of my own and you are one of my inspiration for doing this. What are the facts supporting Treason? I would like to help.

    • Shawn Armstrong

      I would love to help. Good start would to look up the FBI policies on how to conduct a investigations, and does Comey fall under “Treason” definition?

      • David E. Staniszewski

        Yes that sounds like a good start, stay in touch with me. I have a podcast on Mixcloud and I post it on my personal page and my Slaughter Mouse Files Face book Page. good to hear from you