In today’s video, Christopher Greene reports on the Economic Collapse 2019.


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1. How to Invest in Bitcoin – Open an account and trade
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3. Bitcoin Advanced series – How to trade on exchanges like Binance and Poloniex
4. Portfolio Construction – How to pick winning securities and lessen risk
5. Asset allocation models – How to build a mini-portfolio soon to be BIG

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    There will be another stock market crash as designed.It’s been put off longer to lull those that think they’re keen. I know I won’t be effected. I personally haven’t had much in the way of any tangible risky behavior in my financial life. I feel like my chances for the middle class scam were cut back in 2001 right after the dot com crash and the follow up 9/11 distraction. Prior to those I had a house with a mortgage, a student loan, a car loan and 2 credit cards. I had a good secure job with full benefits, retirement savings, paid time off, holiday pay and bonuses. Ever since 2001 those jobs are gone for good and only been able to get contract positions with nothing more than a paycheck. So I got out from all that debt and not taking any risks since 2006 at all. I rent, i have no credit cards, i own my vehicles, student loan paid off and meager savings. I saw the 2008 crisis and didn’t stick my neck out like so many others did. When that happened nothing changed for me. So when this happens I don’t see anything but more getting booted out of the middle class scam and leaving yet more trillions to go to bankers. It’ll just be short term crappy paying contract gigs and the same for me. But a whole new crop of just realized suckers are going to have to adjust.