In today’s video, Christopher Greene reports on Donald Trump campaign shake up.

  • bobd123456

    The irony is many shaking fists at the federal government have the other hand in its pocket. How many visiting this site work in government, health care, pharmacy, social services, education, building, finance, insurance, law or spinoffs?

    I find it hypocritical that subsidized job beneficiaries deride their unemployed welfare brother, whose economic predicament, to a great extent, results from ill gotten wealth of the former. Well over half the entire U.S. workforce resides in these industries. How is this upside down perversion possible? Taxes, inflation, premiums and world reserve currency enabling an illegal central bank to print worthless dollars and government to go into unfathomable debt.

    • Nip It in the Bud

      Wouldn’t you say the reason Central Banks can print money and turn things upside down….that’s been the game…That’s how they overthrew our Country. They own the Politicians and give them their marching orders & the whole 9. Jeckell Island comes full circle!

      • Robert

        Yes, I would say that, but what no one will talk about is the millions of U.S. jobs dependent on government subsides. Sectors I mentioned have virtually no economic multiplier effect but the condiscatory opposite. This is why no one can solve the problems the U.S. faces not even Trump. Subsidies and jobs, for the most part, are one and the same. In order to restore economic reality, millions will have to go unemployed and salaries cut way down.

        This is the root problem and challenge Trump faces. He can’t win. Those screaming unemployed millions and paupers, backed by media, would squash him.

  • Nip It in the Bud

    Hey Chris, nice job here!