The Drumbeat of War with China-Russia Building

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on World War 3 according to George Soros.

  • The communist plan since the Cold War. Destroy our economy, financial system, morality and more by taking advantage of individual and corporate greed. Break us down from within and string our military out abroad knowing our billionaires will follow along like clockwork. Anyone with a billion dollars, member of either fascist political party or held public office either elect or by appointment is a public disgrace. Anything they say or have an opinion about is clearly backwards, wrong and a mistake. Time for the American People to adopt the fundamentals that made our nation the greatest country in the world until the past few generations destroyed it. Leading by example instead of force by giving military authority over the North China Sea to the Chinese and dividing Ukraine into a East and West nation for starters. – TheProtectionist