Ebola Bio-weapon to Control Unmitigated Population Growth

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on why he thinks Ebola is an engineered Bio-weapon.

  • americanrev1234

    What if this is a governmental scientific experiment and eradication. In order to see how to kill this virus, Ebola, they can’t legally test on humans, so, they have to put the virus into the populous to see how it reacts. If people are in an uproar and fear this virus then testing of a “cure” will be more likely to be accepted. Also another thought, How come the doctor and the nurse who was infected survived? Seems to me that it’s targeted to mostly ethnic people. You don’t see the CDC giving these other 2 people the antidote? I honestly think that this is like what happened due to Hitler, we know he killed thousands upon thousands of people, not just Jews, but ethnic people or those with ailments and deformities and yet it took years for the US to step in. Why do you think this virus is rament in Africa, because of how poor and uneducated these people are. There being used as lab rats and yet there is nothing I nor you can do about it.

  • petercrissgirl1972

    I had to laugh this morning, on Fox and Friends, Dr. Marc Siegal was “demonstrating” the “correct” Hazmat attire for treating Ebola, a Level 4 virus. Eyes were totally unprotected, he was NOT wearing anything close to a Level 4 Hazmat suit! Of course, the folks at Friends this morning “simulated” the deadly disease with green paint. Yes, Virginia, we are really screwed.

    • petercrissgirl1972

      Oh, not to mention..Call the CDC and tell them you have a “low grade fever” and oh “yes I happen to be a nurse that had treated that Ebola fella that ummmm died from Ebola…Oh, it’s okay to fly? Hmmmm, well if you say I don’t meet the threshhold…” Holy Shit, this is like Abbott and Costello or the Three Stooges. At what point do people wake up?