EMERGENCY BROADCAST! Hillary Clinton to Overthrow the Election

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports in this Emergency message that Hillary Clinton plans to overthrow the U.S Election.

  • Victoria Boond Heuman

    neah…..stretching this one! but I love watching your video’s

  • Paul

    I agree.
    The oligarch-backed left, the socialists, the globalists, the 2030 Agenda people, Sheen, Moore – all of them are one. Their agenda not only calls for a New World Order – a One World Government but for the end of national sovereignty, i.e. a nation’s right to self-determination, control of natural resources, morality, democracy itself. Don’t believe me? Check out the published Agenda. Check out the opening of borders in the US and the EU. Check out the deliberate dissolution of citizen voting power. So Obama and this gaggle which makes up the globalist movement has been systematically for years now attempting to destroy the nation America which they so hate. You accept all that as fact? If so “ERGO”. Draw the only plausible conclusion about December 19. If they can flip electors on Monday so Trump loses then there would be chaos. There would be little or no credibility for any US government on the world stage in the aftermath. They could care less about Hillary. What they want to knock out is the US as the leading NATION in self-determination, democracy and independence. They have been for years now trying to deconstruct the US and Judeo-Christian morality so they can remake the world in their own misguided images.

  • Bob

    The Devil never rests.

  • Ian

    Keep doing what you do Christopher, I have a lot of respect for what you do, and enjoy listening to your point of view, I agree completely with you and it makes me very happy to see that I’m not the only one who is looking at what’s happening and is literally left speechless by how insane things are right now, and how crazy life will get in the coming 20 years, God bless you and stay safe! All we can do at this point is prepare. Buy food. Buy water. LOTS. Get ready because there is 2 options, they steal the election and a civil war breaks out. Or Trump gets into office, starts bombing Isis and “cuts the head off the snake” and we will have some of the largest scale terror attacks in history comin from the terror cells all across the country, you can bet on it! Stay safe man!