FBI Believe Clinton Foundation Case Moving Towards ‘Likely an Indictment’

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports the FBI believe that the Clinton Foundation Case is Moving Towards ‘Likely an Indictment.’

  • Marlene K

    From what I have read NYPD have enough to indict if FBI/ DOJ doesn’t. The computer that is now in FBI hands had 500,000 emails on many levels and many high officials will go down. The under age sex being one of many things. Obama needs to be indicted himself. He knows much of this stuff. I just want it before the election. Kaine reminds me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Creepy. What a state our country is in. I think that Julian is in protective custody helping out US.

  • BAMFOttO

    let me play devil’s advocate. Is it more likely that Americans woke up, ( i would like to think so but, there are still Mc Donalds and Walmarts) so the prospect that Amlikely. ericans will succeed from the union or a revolt is coming is not likely, I would love nothing more than a revolt. I am praying for th day. A day that I don’t work a horrible job and am expected to buy a bunch of shit I don’t want. You say ” but Otto you don’t have to.” Bull fuck shit! I don’t want to, but if I am one in the 4 people I know that are willing to live off the land (that the human race has done for thousands of years, repeat, thousands of years. Yet the make us believe we can’t survive without their bull shit. So to bring it around, if there are Mc donalds and Walmarts, there is no revolution. Come on people, if this is what gets you going, Chris Grene you said its a one party system, do we think Donald isn’t just another pawn, expcially with Alex Jnes now being relivant? think about it

    • Marlene K

      I disagree. I recently looked into Board of Elections public registration on my family… A lot of people don’t discuss their party…or at least I never asked cause I was so anti Clinton in 90’s. I assumed my husband and 3 children had registered Dem. I was shocked to see 2 of them UNA. I was Rep until this year and went UNA. I am separated after a long marriage. I have sent AMTVmedia information and Infowars to my family by email or Facebook or Twitter. I am learning the twitter and # as I haven’t used it but gotta keep on top of technology or I will be forgotten. I am definitely in a different economic class than I used to be but I budget for things better. McDonalds and especially Walmart doesn’t define my spending anymore. Things that matter are friends and family. I doubt if one looks deep the party line will not make my friends. It takes guts to spread the word. Spread the WORD … we have 4 days!