FULL BREAKDOWN: Alien Body Experience

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the FULL BREAKDOWN: Alien Body Experience. 👊🏻Watch LIVE On Demand!!👊🏻

  • Sydney Sullivan

    Really enjoyed hearing you two discuss this issue… But you DO unfortunately Risk Credibility if you broadcast this over the Mainline U-Tube etc. But Truth is rarely a comfortable companion. Book you may consider is “Revealing The Secret Alien Agenda, the Threat” by David M. Jacobs PHD (History). Also “The Day After Roswell” by Col.Philip Corso; U.S. Army Ret. HIs Snail Mail Address until recently (He retired as a Professor from Temple University recently) so I’d add “Please Forward”. In any case:
    Dr.David M. Jacobs
    Department of History
    Temple University
    Philadelphia, PA 19122 or [email protected]