GOP Debate Propaganda is Preparing for War

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the GOP debate 2015.

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  • John A. Sullivan Jr.

    Unfortunately for this Country, I agree with Mr. Greene that the Republican Candidates, with the exception of Senator Rand Paul; were all sporting Hawkish Rhetoric in support of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex. Weapons and associated Machine Corporations, such as Lockheed, Aero Jet, et al… provide Big Money Contributions to Campaigns. Make no mistake, it takes tens of millions of dollars to run for Today’s Presidency. Younger AMTV viewers would be well advised to read a Book that came out in the 1960s titled, “The True Believer”; which details what Mr. Greene is talking about here. Mainly, the mass manipulation techniques Government/Corporate so-called Elites use to get “We the Sheeple” ready to be herded into World Wars. Regrettably, we still have King Obama at the helm with over a year to go; before he is scheduled to step down. The Foreign Policy of this Country makes no sense, unless you realize that Today’s United States Armed Forces are used as Hessians in the interests of Saudi Arabia. It was considered INSANE in my days of Military Service, to ever even consider inserting our Armed Forces into Syria; which has been a Client State of Russia for many decades. The Neocons are risking World War, for the sake of British and American Corporate Oil Interests; as well as Saudi Arabia’s Interest in becoming the Leader (vs. Iran) of the Islamic Peoples. I’m afraid it may be “wishful thinking”, to think that our many Enemies will allow this period (wherein we have a weakling President); to pass without initiating a Nuclear Strike. A Nuclear EMP Attack alone will set this Country back technologically into the early 19th Century. It would neutralize this Country as a World Power, and result in the deaths of 10s of millions of Americans, according to Military Think Tanks, such as Rand Corporation. Think about it, younger folks out there in AMTV Land… IF the trucks, trains, and planes are no longer running; and if there is no refrigeration anymore for food; how are the masses of people going to be fed?? Particularly in Big Cities, where the food supplies of Super Markets are projected to be GONE within a week after an EMP attack on the U.S. Electrical Grid. Mr. Greene and those of you living now in Big Cities I recommend you get OUT of them ASAP! Otherwise, prepare and have a good “Bug Out Plan” for yourself and/or your Family’s survival. Remember the old traditional Boy Scout Motto, when it was Scout Law to be “morally straight”; = Be Prepared! Otherwise you can expect to work in and/or be potentially exterminated in a FEMA Camp in order to eat… Truly, LCDR JOHN