In today’s live video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Gross Inconsistencies!! Las Vegas Shooting Coverup.

  • Fred

    The FBI or another agency obviously forgot something that would be revealing. The authorities said nothing was missing or changed so it was not just local buglers or vandals. The perps would not have planted anything as anything found now after an alleged “B&E” could not be relied on as evidence for anything.

    The recorded sounds of the shooting has been analyzed by independent experts and clearly shows two shooters from different locations.

    For the second shooter, check out reports on Oct. 2 which were on Youtube about guests in the pyramid Luxor Hotel who heard shooting just after 10:00 p.m. on Oct. 1 in that hotel. The Luxor is now owned by the same owners as the Mandalay. Like 9/11 you have Zio owners of the buildings and the airports and owning and controlling all security systems – i.e, could be another Mossad op with US agency support.

    The Luxor is closer to the Route 91 concert ground than the Mandala. It is right across the street. You would have to see if the top floors were still under renovation, vacant or being rented like maybe by an art school class from Israel. Seriously, if the main shooting was done from there (if there really was any real shooting) any firing from Paddock’s 32nd floor suite at the Mandalay would be a perfect diversion. Also, the bright light from the lamp room at the pinnacle and the bright lights at the edges would be perfect cover for any muzzle flash.

    On SGT Reports you will find a that a military surgeon has concluded that with 58 dead and 527 wounded as released on the day after there would likely be more people following who would die from their wounds if real. This did not happen. Also, from the video footage of the alleged wounded he opined that their smiling faces do not correspond to what he has experienced with soldiers suffering flesh wounds with military guns. He said they were clearly acting. The names of the alleged dead have been released. Alt-media sources should check them all out, with neighbors and people at their alleged work places to see if they are real. Also, there is no media coverage of anyone seriously injured being transported to any home after release from the hospital. Like if a real causality, a small town would make a big deal about it.

  • Fred

    Christopher, I hope there are at least some other people reading this stuff other than myself. Anyway, it is good to see you are still giving some attention to the Vegas Massacre, where now it looks like the alt media has turned the tables on the old establishment, except just as the finger points to the wrong people like friends of Trump the major alt sites start behaving like the MSM. Hope you have already viewed the following from a true truther site, Cut2theTruth.

  • Jasjasonon Estey

    Hey Chris again great work man. I think we met before at Ymca am I right dude