How Barack Obama BLACKMAILED The Vatican

In today’s video, Chad Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports on How Barack Obama BLACKMAILED The Vatican.

  • Fred

    What you have is about three dots. You connect them taking a lot of liberties the way you draw the lines and then you conclude “ah ha. It is the face of pope Benedict and see he must be a pedophile because he stepped down.” You need way more dots to determine who or what.

  • Ellie

    Actually the previous pope was about to take on the pedophile scandal of the church as well as the highly corrupted Vatican financial network. Obviously very powerful people within the Vatican did not want that to happen. He was forced to resign although I have not been able to find just what leverage was used to force that resignation.
    Obama is truly just a figurehead. He is not the brains behind the leftist/globalist organization. This global syndicate that is being created is even bigger than the “democratic” party. The leftist/globalist movement is operated in both Europe and North America. You will see the same agenda of destroying the sovereignty of every western country throughout those regions.
    I’m sure that the Obama administration did have very sensitive information at their finger tips. Every NSA, CIA, and ABC agency member has graduated from one of many far left indoctrination centers once called colleges and universities. It is becoming more difficult each year to find a college graduate not taken in by the very effective indoctrination techniques of those institutions. This means that the majority of our “intelligence” agencies are manned by treasonous operatives who actually align themselves with the globalists. You can see how they are trying everything to destroy the Trump administration. They very well could have used something to force the pope to retire and get their own man in. It did not even have to be something against the pope personally. It could have entailed harming some innocent agency. There was, however, some conspiracy arranged to bring this present pope to power.
    Our president and his administration are in the belly of the beast.