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  • Skippy

    your going to charge people to watch videos now? ill pass

  • Jason

    As I do enjoy occassionally watching the videos sometimes, would never pay for
    it. Thats funny. LOL Who’s going to pay. Stupido !!!!!

  • Jay Bouris

    Christopher, Unable to open your latest video on Syria leads to war with Iran! I really enjoy your commentary and accurate assessment of current affairs! Please keep up the great work!!

    • Hi friend, this video is only available to our on demand subscribers. Click the Watch Now button on our homepage. THX, CG

      • Tobias

        Bad marketing technique charging video on demand.

  • BW

    Christopher, I love the videos and commentary but I think not placing them on youtube and charging for on demand might be a mistake. Youtube allows your viewers to make your videos go viral and is very easy for us to share your videos. but if we have to pay I don’t think you will reach the audience that you should be. just my 2 cents. is monetization of your videos on youtube not an option?

  • huscarl

    Sorry Christopher, I do not think this is the best strategy. You need way more subscribers and viewer base before you start charging for special features.

  • Chad

    God forbid Christopher creates his own platform to launch a true perspective on issues and to defend us from the main stream B.S…I mean $5 a month is not worth our news independence?! If that is the case than nothing will change…#stopbeingcheapasses

  • Frank Moneris

    I understand both sides of the strategy here. I agree with huscarl, build a bigger following. I think most of your following will perceive this in a way detrimental to your purpose. Once you’ve got the audience of an Alex Jones, then I think at that time you could pull it off. I like you Chris, you have a great platform. Right now we need a free internet if we’re really going to wake others up and reach the masses. Right now its all about getting the message out to as many as we can. Charging before you’re a household name will turn many off before they even get a chance to know you. Its just my opinion.

  • someguy

    Your monetization strategy is your choice Chris, but why not let the people express their point of view, don’t go down the mass media path and start censoring too. your listener might question the sincerity of your motives.

  • Elie Fabs

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