Iran is the Final Target for WW3

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains Iran is the final target for World War 3.

  • LCDR John Sullivan, USNR

    Dear Mr. Greene and Staff: Please make sure Mr. Greene has security where ever he goes. He has put it all together too correctly; in my military experiential estimation. I don’t know how much longer the Traitors inside this Government will allow him to go on lifting up the curtain about their agenda; and plans this publicly without retaliation. Particularly his truth about our so-called ally Saudi Arabia. We all had better “Be Prepared”. All of you who ARE awake out there in AMTV Land, if you don’t already have an assault rifle; NOW is the time to buy one and learn how to safely use it. In closing, I’d like to say Thank You to Mr. Greene and his AMTV Staff, in that this Video is truly STERLING. You are more than deserving of the Traditional Navy “Well Done.” You young folks all have genuine GUTS and talent. I salute you. Respectfully, LCDR John Sullivan, USNR (HM2 Vietnam Era Vet also).

  • survivor

    Saudi Arabia: The most human rights abusing regime on the planet that treat women
    worse than dogs. They support violent Islamic Wahhabi Jihadist groups
    who slaughter non-sunnis mainly Christians. They have slaughtered
    thousands of innocent people in Yemen with their illegal war of
    aggression by indiscriminate bombing. They execute their own people for
    just speaking out against them or committing petty crimes. They
    inflict the most barbaric cruel and unusual punishment on their people
    for speaking out against the regime. And our political elite and their followers call them friends and allies and Trump wants to protect them.

  • Tickertapeguy

    With the collapse of crude from 115 dollars a barrel to 35 dollars a barrel the House of Saud may collapse. Saudi Arabia initiated this “oil war” against the US Shale Industry. Some speculate that the excessive production by Saudi Arabia has been supported by D.,C. to under cut Russia’s oil exports.

    Now Saudi Arabia faces a crisis she cannot change. Riyadh and the royal family held control of the nation through
    massive government subsidies for the people
    Hardly any taxes on the people
    Large population of cheap migrant workers.

    Now that oil has dropped Saudi Arabia is doing away with much of those subsidies, putting into place taxes including sales tax and for the first time has borrowed from international financial institutes.

    Saudi Arabia cannot cut production now for when she does from Russia to Venezuela will increase production. Venezuela has to increase production because she is paying off a 60 Billion dollar debt she owes to China in oil. With the drop in oil prices she has to export that much more oil. China intends to loan Venezuela another 2 billion dollars. It will also enable some part of the US shale and Deep sea Oil industry to come back.

    If Saudi Arabia maintains this level of production she faces internal dissent. This does not even take into issue that Iran will be pumping more oil once all the sanctions have been lifted.

    The ocean of oil has gutted the Paris Summit on alternative energy and is done in a world where economies cannot absorb it. If we had a world of thriving economies, most of that oil would have been absorbed.