Jack Ma Warns AI will Start WW3

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Jack Ma Warns AI will Start WW3.

  • Fred

    Technology is always in revolution and is always used in wars but is not the “cause” of wars. All Ma is doing is giving the plebs some very unsophisticated selective correlation. All major wars over the past few hundred years have been “caused” by the greed of power elites. Right now our western power elites in their greed for world economic dominance and control are forcing nations like Iran, Venezuela, and Russia further and further into desperation unless they capitulate.

    When the USSR and atheistic communism dissolved in the early 90’s, the Rothschild financial and corporate toadies rushed in to take over Russian resources. The same oligarch families of the West directing traffic in the 1990’s were responsible for the murder of the Russian royalty and awakening middle class by the deliberate installation of communism in 1917. Their real objectives remain the same despite any rejection of communism in Russia. The war in Syria with all the killing, destruction and displacement of people was caused and is being continued by our nations. A war with Iran will be “caused’ by our nations, not technology.