Janet Yellen Promises NEGATIVE Interest Rates

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Janet Yellen speech 2015.

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  • Jim Bo

    We are the strong, we give them the power. Without us, they have nothing. It’s time to come together as people, in real life, not just on chat boards, and begin to realize that we hold all the cards. If we don’t work tomorrow, who pays? Really? If we don’t buy tomorrow, who pays? Really? Everything we worry about as Americans everyday is in some way or another tied to a company. Whether it’s your job that won’t pay you a living wage or offer health insurance, or the power company breathing down your neck for their payment. We have allowed these companies to rule our lives and it can no longer be accepted. We chase material things at the price of our souls. It’s time to return to our roots as humans and begin to understand that we are fallible and we do make mistakes, but we are also vigilant and brave, caring and loving. We must not forget what really makes us great. Ask yourself, is it really too late?

  • RisingWolf

    Great piece Christopher.