John Wilkes Booth Figure to Assassinate Trump?

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Donald Trump assassination messaging.


    Mr. Greene has pointed out a Clear and Present Danger. You needn’t be an Einstein to figure out Mr. Trump DOES threaten the Trade Deals and U.S. Foreign Relations Policies that Clinton would have supported. You are talking Billions of Dollars in Deals going down in association with Trump’s Election Success. It would be naïve to think that those who had betted on Clinton’s succeeding will just sit idly to see their millions/billions fade away. They WANT the World War that Trump may well prevent by mending fences with the Russians. Fukushima, a potential extinction event for the human race isn’t being discussed either…WHY NOT??? No Fed warnings about eating radioactive fish on the West Coast! Also Mabus a significant Name mentioned by Nostradamus is currently Secretary of the Navy. What if Mr. Trump is shot in the head and RECOVERS. Could he be the Apollo type Anti-Christ described by the Bible that will make Peace between Israel and the Palestinians? Only to collapse after three and a half years? The Prophecies of the Bible certainly are happening in our time…I think it will be wise to still “Be Prepared”, and not rest easy simply because Trump has won. As Mr. Greene points out many people DID fear to show their support of Trump, this still IS a time of danger. Also Trump is back-peddling on what consequences would come Ms. Clinton’s way, pertaining to the Clinton Foundation activities etc. What else will he NOT do, as he said while a Candidate. It will be interesting to see if he follows through with what he said he would do as a Candidate pertaining to the International Financial Agreements. Stand By America…Truly LCDR JOHN, USNR