Julian Assange DEAD Unless Proof of Life @Wikileaks

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Julian Assange has been missing for 9 Days without Proof of Life.

  • Noe Namely

    Easy Big Boy! Better be concerned about stepping out behind your building without eye witnesses with you now Chris….. Let’s not have you ending up as the next Broadcast Feature!….Keep going Man..but walk with eyes open and carry a Big Stick!

  • When you worship Satan, there is no disguise too disgusting, no virtue that can’t be trashed, no decency that cannot be betrayed. These are the immoral absolutes that Clinton, Bush, and all their hypocrisy are not willing to employ to achieve their sadistic aims. So be it! It all comes out in the wash, ….

  • Wow

    Has the patriot movement been sold out? Not one story about the BUNDYS NOT GUILTY VERDICT?

  • Ariel Nonofbusines

    People need to realize that there has yet to be proof of life for Assange. Further, that all we’ve seen are re-released videos. USA Debate is re-releasing old videos each day. It’s all a lie. Wikileaks is compromised since end of October. US govt is likely trying to hide that they have Assange; while using the fact that they’ve accessed Wikileaks to hide the truth. This could put peoples lives in danger – should they be unaware and try sending info to Wleaks.