In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on North Korea Sabre-Rattling.

  • LCDR John, USNR

    Mr. Greene, you are of course correct about the Federal Reserve. They are all shit-heels. As far as Trump’s “Cards”, there are MANY high tech weapons that Ivan and Chicoms have no idea about. Also our Communist Enemies are not under Trump’s control…China’s not going to stop Terra-Forming either. This situation, which Trump has inherited has come about because of the past 40 years’ U.S. and other Western Governments’ (e.g. England) policy of appeasement towards China and N. Korea; and I’m afraid that the Piper is going to be paid. The U.S. Leadership has done us no favors by their serfdom and being Hessians (our Armed Forces) for Saudi Arabia’s interests in being the Leader of the Muslim World instead of Iran. General MacArthur years ago told the Truth about these half-assed so-called “Limited Wars/Police Actions” and Appeasement, to the former “That there is NO substitute for Victory”; for the latter, “That Appeasement only leads to LONGER and BLOODIER Wars” or words to that effect. Japan and S. Korea will pay a HIGH price for a Tactical or “Limited Nuclear” new Korean War. So will our Armed Forces currently deployed or otherwise stationed in Japan and S. Korea…I suspect that along with all this at least a few of our West Coastal Cities will be destroyed. This meeting between President Trump and the Communist Chinese Chairman IS the Last Chance of avoiding WWIII. Along with Global Warming and Fukushima, to say the least it is an interesting time to be alive…Truly, LCDR John, USNR